Birthday Update! :)

As some of you already know I had my birthday recently and even tho I usually don’t like birthdays you guys really made it awesome with all the birthday wishes! And omg you spoiled me with presents! :O I even started reciving presents the week before my actual birthday. You guys! :’) <3<3

From my awesome viewers I got a bunch of games! From Sean I got both FarCry 3 Blood Dragon and Shantae and the Pirates Curse. From Keewee I got one of the games I’m currently streaming, Evoland 2! 😀 Coffay sent me KnightShift and from Jade I got Fallout 3! Thank you so much everyone! I also got some birthday donations on the stream from Dragondalek, Keewee, B_Grafix and GameApeSweden! Thank you! I can’t belive how sweet all of you guys are! ❤ ❤ ❤ (Pssst, some of them stream too so click their name and check out their channels!) 🙂

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I also recived a package in the mail from Hellan, it was a very happy suprise! He sent me Tales of Xillia 2! Thank you so much Hellan, I heard the Xillia games are great so I can’t wait to dive in! 😀 I also had some friends and family over for coffee and I got CANDY, flowers, chocolate, Star Wars keychain and an awesome cup that you can also put snacks in! ^^

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“But Jenny, wtf there is a Master Sword on the table too!” There sure is!!! Because Peter gave me one! xD I already have the zelda shield so now I’m all set to go out and save the world! 😀 ❤ ❤ ❤

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Thank you again everyone and also all who wished me a happy birtday, you guys really made my day! ❤

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