Amiga Night! <3

Last night I had to cancel the stream because my arm really is in pain after I went to the doctor (they were gonna take a blood sample and managed to damage the vein so it’s been bleeding out in the arm, Now I have to be careful and let it heal so it doesn’t burst again) And my arm really starts hurting if I keep it still for too long so sadly I had to cancel! 😦 

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I was really bummed out about the stream and not being able to play so I didn’t know what to do. Then it hit me, I haven’t played Amiga in FOREVER and those games take forever to load anyway so I can stretch my arm and stuff while it loads! xD

I had a great time re-playing some of the games I used to play as a kid, some I could only play for a little while because of the arm thing, mostly games using the joystick, and some games didn’t work anymore! 😥 Like Trolls and Mega Lo Mania, the games started but crashes right before the actual game starts :((
Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos I also wanted to play one of my favorite games as a kid, The Adventures of Willy Beasmish, but it wouldn’t even start! x'(( It might be because of my amiga, it has been acting a bit weird, but I still had a good time playing the games that DID work! ^^

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Duck Tales froze if I took a dive in the money vault, so to play it I just had to resist the temtation x)

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I was always very facinated by this game as a kid, the music was so beautiful and wellmade! :O Reminds me of Final Fantasy music a bit! I could never play it properly tho because we never had the manual for the game and could not input the password in the beginning, I played on a “demo” option called practice so I could never get far. But now thanks to the magic place called “the internet” I could find the codes online! xD Still the game froze after a while and I could not really play, atleast I could enjoy the music =)

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I love the simplicity of the mission, “just kill everyone” x)

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Any swedes out there who remember Kalas Puffs Expressen? x) I used to play it alot as a kid. It’s a game made around a breakfast cereal brand called Kalas Puffar. You are playing as a bee and a bear, the old mascot of the brand, going around with a train collectig these honey/weat puffs, putting honey on them gives bonus points and lastly pouring them into a big Kalas Puffs box at the end of each course 🙂

The Amiga night ended with me falling asleep on the couch while playig Another World! I’m definetly gonna do Amiga night again, it was alot of fun and very nostalgic to play there games again! ❤

3 thoughts on “Amiga Night! <3

  1. Nice to see some old Amiga games :3 Yeh some consoles and the likes really have issues getting games to work ( who said old games always start up ey 😉 ) Hope the arm is healing and you are doing okay :3

  2. Get well soon. I never owned an Amiga, but I played stuff like Canon Fodder and Sensible Soccer on a friend’s machine.

    • Thank you! 😀 I never played sensible soccer but I pretty sure I have it, but I’m not into sports at all x) But yeah! Cannon fodder is really fun! ^^

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