On the way home from RSM!

What a great weekend I’ve had! It was such a great con this year! 😀 The 8 h drive was SO worth it! I’m currently sittning in the car on my way home and most of the pictures are on the camera so all I can do is give you guys a sneaky peak and I’ll do a bigger RSM post later! 🙂  photo image_zpsn1usy7ie.jpg  photo image_zpslisosxzs.jpg (Photo by my friend Jon) This is little more than half of the RSM hall, the other side was packed with people too! :O  photo image_zpsinko9wqs.jpg My tradition of always buying a game themed head wear lives on! I got this awesome Mario beanie! ❤ And of course a RSM t-shirt! 😀  photo image_zpsaj74vlcr.jpg I got some awesome loot too (and a free Batman)! But the loot I will show you guys later! 😀 *hugs*

5 thoughts on “On the way home from RSM!

    • Yeah that would be awesome! 😀 Start saving now! That’s kinda what I do to make sure I can afford to go! Många bäckar små as we say here in sweden! x) And to have some money for shopping! 😀

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