RSM Part 1 – My Loot! :D

I had a blast this weekend! We went to Gothenburg to go to RSM, a retro game convention and probably as close to nerd heaven on earth you can get! ❤ Tons of games, tons of people and tons of fun! In this post I'm gonna show you what I bought! 😀 I always start saving for RSM the day after the con basically, just alittle here and there to make sure I can go each year. This year I did not go as crazy with the shopping as last year, I had a budget and I only went alittle above it! 😀 Here is what I got:

This was really cool, it’s the press-release version of Fairytale Fights for ps3, and it looks like a book! 😀 I also got a new screen for my Game Boy, a Zelda Iphone shell and A FREE BATMAN! 😀 ❤ Yay! Haha Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos Even though I don’t have a C64 yet I just had to buy these two games, the fronts were just priceless so I had to have them! The I.Ball dude kind of looks like batman right?? I mean the design of him, exept from the fact that he is a ball! He even have the same crooked half smile! And this mermaid was just so….. wow! The look on that poor divers face, pure panic! xD I also got YOSHI SLIPPERS and Rush n’ Attack for nes! ^^ Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos I also found some Vectrex games! The Armor Attack + overlay my sister sneaked off and got for me and then hid in my bags! I was so scared when I found it when I was unpacking later, for a few seconds I thought I had accidentally stolen it! xD Haha! Thank you again sis! <3<3<3<3<3 Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos And here we have the traditional gaming themed head wear I have gotten each year so far on RSM! This year I got a Mario beanie! 😀 I also found inFamous: First Light REALLY cheap! 😀 I added 2 gaming cups to my collection and Tetris coockie cutters! Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos I also bought 2 Sega Megadrive games, Lemmings 2: The Tribes and Zoop! I have no idea what Zoop is, some kind of puzzle game it seems. I was just really drawn to the front! 🙂 I also got some japanese Gameboy games, Hamtaro something, “another random game with a hamster” 1 and 2, Kirby’s Dreamland and something I’m guessing might be a cooking game! xD The awesome Likilato was also at RSM and he was selling games at the Söders Spel & Skivhandel booth! After I did some shopping at his booth I got to choose a game for free in his loot box, I went with Stuart Little 2 for Ps1! Thank you again Likilato! ^^ Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos This year I bought alot of games that I felt was visually beautiful or funny, I took a dive in a Snes box and found alot of cool looking games, the two most beautiful was definetly Romancing Saga 2 and 3! The japanese really have a talent for making stunning game fronts! The game to the right of them I have no idea what it is but it looked cool! xD I also got Tetris, some other “pretty front game” and the game with the boys on the front I bought because Seb said it was fun! 😀 I bought Titan just because the guy on the front was so funny! That facial expression is so awesome! xD And all dressed in what looks like some kind of latex suit! And of course… EXPLOTIONS! This game must be packed with action judging by the front! Haha! xD All these games I got at the booth! If you are swedish check out their online store! 😀 Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos I’m very happy with my shopping this year, I met alot of very nice sellers and got some great deals! Thank you so much! <3<3<3 Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos The cats were very happy when we came home, Gin became a “Gin-sticker” and stayed as close to me as he could until he finally purred me to sleep! That’s why I’m posting this blog post one day late, I had written about half of it when his superpower was too much for me and I just fell asleep! He is a grey fluffy little Jigglypuff! xD I did however manage to try one of my new tea cups before I was in dream land! ^^ Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos Oh! Btw, did you spot all the batmans? He is hiding in every picture :)))

14 thoughts on “RSM Part 1 – My Loot! :D

  1. OH man, this makes so warm inside to see things like this and reading about it, gonna start saving for RSM right after Gamex myself :3 so i can afford nice nice thingys :3

    And i did spot all the batmans 😀

    • Yeah I love retro too so this is definetly retro-heaven xD Sounds like a good plan! Hopefully I will be able to save more money for next year and go nuts for real xD

      Haha good job! 😀

  2. Vilken tur att jag hittade Romancing Saga 2 åt dig också då! 🙂

    Grymt att du handlade av oss och som sagt kolla in hemsidan när vi får upp den igen efter vi har gått igenom allt som är kvar efter RSM och skicka e-mail om det skulle vara något!

    Hade gött 🙂

    • Nämen hejsan! 😀 Ja det var jätte snällt! Tack igen! ^^ Det ska jag absolut göra! ^^ Får se vad ni har för sännande 😀 // Kram

  3. Nice loot ^__^ And Batman sure is craving attention ;D “I’m Batman!!” haha ( check this one out: )

    The game left of Tetris is called: Marvelous: Mōhitotsu no Takarajima
    The game below Tetris looks like Hydlide Special ^^
    The Super Famicom game next to the Romancing Saga games is Shin Megami Tensei 😉

    I looove Rush n’ Attack! Such awesome music!! 😀 Did you know that the Famicom Disk version has hidden secret passage ways below each stage which actually makes the game easier? 😀 haha

    • Haha that video was awesome! xD “I’m batman” Hahaha!

      Oh thank you sooo much for identifying the games! 😀 That’s really nice of you! ^^ Yeah Rush n’ Attack is great! My friend brought it over and we played it a while back and I really liked it! So when I saw it at RSM I just HAD to get it! ^^ Haha oh really? Hidden passages? Well that sounds a bit like cheating xD But the game was really challenging! :O

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