A Act of Kindness…

Last night during the stream we starting talking about when one of my cats (Gin) got sick and the reason I can’t really buy any new games anymore is because I have to pay the huge vet. bill first… Just a few minutes later I heard the donation sound and It said “For your cat”! I was really touched by the kindness behind that donation, this bill really weighs on me and and I wanted to say again: THANK YOU SO MUCH Seanj73 for making the weight a bit lighter! I really, really appreciate this! Here is a little guy who also wanted to say: “Thank you from the bottom of my… paws!” ;) (That was sooo bad right???) Hahaha! xD Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos THANK YOU! <3

Being Sick AGAIN and Leveling Up Sora!

I have been sick ALL week! Again… Feels like I get sick every other week nowadays! : P (I really need to start exercising soon to boost my immune system, this is ridiculous!) Anyways, at least I have gotten alot of rest, kitty cuddles and gaming time! ^^ I finished Assassins Creed Rogue, I started playing Unity and I leveled up a bit In Kingdom Hearts! Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos As some of you saw last sunday on my stream I really, REALLY wanted to finish KH that day but in the end I had to give up! :( I was too tired and really getting sick… But don’t fear! That was just a temporary win for the bad guys! Like I said, I leveled up a bit and tomorrow night we are gonna try again! :D I also managed to beat the Hercules Cup! *Yay* Haha! ^^ So tomorrow night that fire breathing d-bag is going down! :D

A Hidden Treasure…

I ordered my copy of Unity several months ago and by the time I actually got it in the mail I had kiiind of forgotten what was actually going to be included! (Exept for the wooden music box! I really looked forward to getting that! xD) And when I did get it I posted pictures here on my blog and on Instagram of the content. I thought this was a really cool collectors edition and was really happy! Then someone on my instagram said “There is a really beautiful framed picture in a hidden compartment too” And I was like “WHAAAAAT?” I totally missed it! :O So I had to investigate the box again more closely and I found it! :O
Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos
This awesome collectors edition just became so much cooler! I love the fact that they included a secret compartment! :D It’s so… sneaky! So.. Assassins Creed! ;) The picture and the frame was really beautiful too! They should do more stuff like this! So Ubisoft! Next time I want a super sneaky edition packed with secrets and cool stuff! Hidden messages, sneaky compartments the whole sheebang! Ok?? ^^ Because this was really cool!

I Fianlly Got Unity! :D

Look! Look! LOOK! :D
Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos
Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos
Finally it arrived! :D I really hope I like it! I am a bit worried because I’ve been hearing some negative things about it! But I will never judge a game until I try it myself so! And I have alot of love for Assassins Creed to begin with so I’m sure I will like it! ;) (Can anyone tell me who’s butt you see in the bottom right corner??) x)

I also got these two in the mail today! :D
Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos I found this special ED. of Bayonetta 2 with the 1st game included! And it basicly cost the same as the normal version (It cost like 30 SEK = 4 Dollars more so I thought why not!) ^^ A big big thanks to Enzymes & Seanj73 on Twitch for donating so I could buy these! Thank you guys so much! You are the best! :) <3<3<3

Tonight we are going to finish The Evil Within! Only two chapters left! :D I start at 20:00 swe-time! Click here to go to my twitch! ^^