New YouTube Video!

Making youtube videos is sooooooooo much easier now that my computer got re-installed with the new SSD! Omg it’s so much faster! It’s amazing! I don’t even know how I had the patience to make videos before! XD

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The video I made was the Arcade Block unboxing for March 2016. If you want to check out the video I made click here! ^^

Better Late Than Never! Right?? x)

About a month ago I celebrated 1 year as a streamer! It was on August 7th (and yes I am a bit late on posting it here x) But just a tiiiny bit! ;D ) Time has really been flying, but better late than never I guess! It’s been an awesome year and I made a youtube video to thank all my viewers and celebrate the 1 year mark. Hope you like it! ❤