No Child of Light streaming today!

We never got to streaming today.. My sister had to leave and then we got an unexpected visit from my brother and his famliy who lives in Gothenburg! So I spent the entire day at my dads house with my family and got home really late! I was thinking about streaming alone but that sounds real scary xD (haha) I did start playing Dead Rising 2 the other day so.. maybe I’ll just do a test run tonight to learn more about the program and twitch… Yeah, sounds good! I’ll keep you posted for Child of Light part 2! In the meantime, wish me luck! xD *Hugs*

First time streaming EVVAH! x)

Well that was scary… and fun! x) Me and my sister streamed today! I totally forgot to post on here that we were gonna live stream though! :O We spent so long trying to make it work so when it finally did we were so exited we just started playing! xD Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos We played Child of Light and it was alot of fun! ^^ Bit like I said, kind of scary! x) We will probably continue streaming tomorrow as well and I promise to remember to post on here when we go on again! x) Here is a link to my twitch account. Now I need to get some sleep! See you tomorrow! ^^ Good night!