I had a really fun time streaming yesterday! :D

Thank you to everyone who watched my stream yesterday! I had sooo much fun! 😀 You are all great! I had such a great time I didn’t stop streaming until 5am! And look! I had some more animals watching! 😀 These puppies are even fighting over me! xD Haha! Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos These two cuties belong to the awesome Equilbrium25! ^^

Tonight me and a friend are having a gaming night, with snacks and the whole sheebang! ^^ We are playing Tomb Raider! (I need to do some reasearch for my Laura Croft coslay) ;D What are you guys doing tonight?? I hope you all having a great friday whatever you are upto! ^^ *Hugs* Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos