Heroes of cosplay?

So, I’ve been watching this show called heroes of cosplay (yes it’s alot of scripted scenes and alot of drama!) But that’s not what really bothers me about the show, it’s the last episode in particular that got me worked up! The fact that some people have the nerve to bash and trash on others just for the sake of being mean and pushing them down! That’s what they do in order to feel better about themselves or what? I don’t get it.. I’ve always seen the gamer/nerd community as very welcoming, understanding, warm, friendly and accepting. We need to have each others backs! Not hate on other nerds for whatever reason, I’m guessing I’m not the only one who gets enouh of that from “non-nerds”. If you don’t have anything nice to say then just stay quiet, it’s that simple! Show some character! Give support and warm fuzzy nerd love instead of spreading negativity! πŸ™‚

Those girls that were backstage called some of the “heroes” fake and even people in the audience was shouting some mean things! What kind of behaviour is that?? Cosplay is supposed to be about having a good time portraying the character you want and meeting others who share the same interests, not getting all hostile!

And I also agree with what chloe said on the show, anyone should be able to cosplay what ever and who ever they want! So what if it does not look perfect or 100% as the character they are cosplaying! (Not everyone has the body of an anime girl or muscles like batman) But should this stop anyone who wants to cosplay them? No! That’s not the point! Accuracy should not be a demand, it should be more like sprinkles on a already super yummy ice cream! (This really freaks me out about my own cosplay, I’m a beginner and I need to do some trail and error in order to learn, but If my cosplay gets bashed cuz it’s not “perfect” I might not feel upto making another one even though I think it’s fun) Yeah, sure it’s awesome when you see a really good cosplay but everyone should be allowed to just make costumes out of their own skills, to learn, grow and have fun. We are all humans and we are far from perfect, why demand that “everything needs to be perfect or you suck”? We need to cut ourshelfs and others some slack and just have fun with it! Cuz we don’t have to be “heroes of cosplay”, hero is a though status to live up to, I think we should be more like “humans of cosplay”! πŸ™‚

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