First Retro Night Stream / RSM Hype! :D

It was soooooo much fun streaming retro games! 😀 “Retro Night” is definetly going to become a regular thing on the stream! ^^ I started playing Super Mario Bros., then Super Mario Bros. 3, Chip n’ Dale, Probotector and lastly some space pew pew in Gradius! =) Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos
It was kind of a long time ago since I played on any of my old consoles really so it was so much fun to take a dive into my game cupboard and see all the stuff it’s been hiding. The NOT so fun part was cleaning up the mess I made after the stream! xD Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos
Now I better start packing and try to get some rest before we leave for Gothenburg and RSM in a few hours! Have a great weekend everyone! ❤ ❤