My secret cosplay!

Ok, so I realised something! I have a gaming blog but right now the only thing that gets most of my attention is my “secret cosplay”. Since I don’t have much time to play video games I don’t have anything to write about! :O So I decided to announce what my cosplay is and make sort of a “in the making posts” from now on! 😀 I gotta have something to write about right??
So.. Without further adue… for this years gameX… I’m gonna cosplay…

My khajiit from skyrim wearing the female dragon scale armor and the jagged crown!
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I’ll show my progress so far later today when I get off work! 🙂

Naked :O

Everyone keeps telling me I shouldn’t walk around naked,
but I was just going to Riverwood real quick to buy some building
materials and I needed to be able to carry as much as possible!
Then a dragon came and interrupted my shopping… But a
true dragonborn can kill dragons even
in the nude x)) *Moahaha* 20130516-233657.jpg