Last day in UmeÃ¥!

Today we had a busy but fun day! First off after breakfast we went out to a archery range and did some target practise! I’ve always loved archery but never really got to try it “for real” so this was loads of fun! 😀 I’m now planning to buy a bow of my own and start practising ^^

When we got back we had a barbecue and played some games, I got a lesson from the kids on how to bounce on a trampoline alternating from standing on your feet to bouncing on your butt.. (No photos, sorry! Let’s just say I am now ready to join the circus!) 😉 Then we went shopping again and of course I found some more games! xD We don’t have any game stores of any kind close to where I live so it was hard to resist! I do looooove to buy new games so I might as well do it when I have the chance ;D

Next my boyfriend’s brothers’s whife dragged me off to a yoga class. I have never tried yoga before and it was… interesting, fun but kinda scary to be a noob amongst alot of people who actually knew what they were doing! xD I first imagined I would be laying on the floor like a fish on dry land xD But apparently I was somewhat of a natrual! :O (Who knew???) Haha! xD

After we just relaxed and watched some more An Idiot Abroad ^^ Now I really need to sleep since we are leaving early tomorrow! I hope you all had a great weekend! **lotsa hugs** Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos